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  • Established in 1987 as Beilian Business Company, Sunlink started to set foot in furniture city development in 1989. Sunlink Industrial Co., Ltd was set up in 1994 to take a lead in the joint development of the largest furniture city over the world.Sunlink restructured as a group in 1997 due to rapid business expansion and gradually concentrated its investment in commercial property both in Mainland China and Hong Kong. After more than 30 years development, the Group has owned a series of commercial properties in various sectors under the trademark of "Sunlink". During this period, our company stepped into the financial investment and started to enjoy the rewards.
    As one of the most important property of Sunlink, Sunlink Furniture City North Section (hereafter referred to as North Section) locates at the prime spot of the center of Lecong, the city of furniture in China, enjoying the convenience of transport and covering a huge area of over 200,000 square meters. Divided by 4 lines, the 13 blocks have a magnificent style and wonderful facilities to create a reasonable functional structure and arrangement.
    After years of hard work, North Section has ten furniture collections with their themed markets. It is also awarded as the Model Market of Business Integrity of Guangdong years in a roll. The North Section has become a star market in Lecong Furniture City and the center of international purchasing, attracting buyers from home and abroad. The three main furniture collections, which have become the featured series of North Section, include the office & hotel furniture, the redwood & new Chinese furniture and household furniture.

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